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October 2018:



August 2018:



July 2018: Battling the Bugs! Microbiology and the NHS

Angela Geering, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS


April 2018: Wastewater – A wasted resource, not an unpleasant problem

Dr Elizabeth Heidrich, Newcastle University

April SciBar

March 2018: Colour Blindness: More Than Just Black and White?

Joe Crutwell

Feb 18 SciBar Poster UPDATEDonline

November 2017: Valporate: Life-saving, life-changing

Dr Rhys Thomas, Newcastle University


October 2017: Starlight and the Chemical Cosmos

Dr Nick Walker, Newcastle University


August 2017: Genes, Stats and Rats

Dr Lynsey Hall, Newcastle University

Aug SciBar Poster

July 2017: Gossiping Bacteria – How Bacteria talk to each other

Ajay Tiwari, Northumbria University


June 2017: Prominence Eruptions – Exploding Solar Tubes

Thomas Rees-Crockford, Northumbria University


May 2017: A schizophrenic mouse? Studying mental illness in mouse models

Dr Dorata Badowska, Newcastle University and Max Planck Institute


February 2017: Power and Profit from Poo – Wastewater’s Sustainable Future

Sarah Cotterill, Newcastle University and Northumbrian Water


January 2017: Ebola Front Line: Working with the UK taskforce in Sierra Leone

Alison Mbekeani, Durham University


November 2016: Magic bullets and moonshots – why curing cancer is so hard

Professor Andy Hall, Newcastle University


September 2016: A portrait of the Milky Way as a young galaxy

Dr Tom Theuns, Durham University


August 2016: Twisters on the Sun

Dr Eamon Scullion, Northumbria University

Twister on the sun

July 2016: Future Debate – Genome Data Privacy

Future Debate poster_July v3_Newcastle logo

May 2016: Does the detection of gravitational waves prove that gravity is more than just a theory?

Dr Sam James

SciBar poster_May_final

April 2016: Taking stem cell research to the frontline

Professor Che Connon, Newcastle University

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 17.45.26

March 2016: A Perfect Storm: Parkinson’s and Mitochondria 

Elizabeth Stephen and Nishani Jeyapalan, Newcastle University
March poster for web

Jan 2016: Exploring mantis vision with a 3D insect cinema

Dr Vivek Nityananda, Newcastle University

3D mantise poster