scibarsquareSciBar – literally science in a bar!

SciBar meetings are discussions about science that take place while people enjoy a drink. If you have a general interest in science (or one of the topics happens to grab your attention), then it’s a good place to learn a bit more, or to ask speakers the questions you’ve always wanted answered. You don’t have to know about science – just turn up with an inquiring mind.



What is SciBar?

The SciBar idea came from the British Science Association. Local SciBars are set up and run by BSA Newcastle volunteers.

At a SciBar, a researcher or expert delivers a short introduction to their work, the background behind it and where it is going. It’s an informal talk, not a lecture and a way to get the ball rolling for a discussion. Once the talk is over the floor is opened to general questions and discussion. Any level of question is welcome. SciBar is open to anyone, you don’t have to be a member and there’s no charge.

Our events

We aim to run SciBar once a month, the next event is 23rd August.