Our next event is…



Palace of Science: A beer meets science festival


When should I arrive? Tuesday 12th March, 5pm-11pm

Where should I go? Wylam Brewery, Exhibition Park,  Newcastle

Details, I need details!

The event is held during both British Science and Brain Awareness week and is a celebration of scientific research and outreach happening throughout the North East.

At the event, the central hall of Wylam Brewery is transformed into a show case of science, with various exhibitors setting up shop to demonstrate some of the wonders in their scientific field. New for Palace of Science 2019 is “Scientist Corner”, where you can go to meet scientists who will be giving short talks about their research at various times during the event. Of course, Palace of Science isn’t all about the science, it’s approximately 10% about the beer. During the event the bar will be open all night for you to sample some of Wylam’s fantastic beers (other alcohols are available, as are soft drinks). Food will also be available.

Look into the future….




Wednesday 20th: “Towards slightly less dumb cities: big data, the Internet of Things and urban monitoring” talk by Philip James, Director of the National Urban Observatory and Senior Lecturer in GIS at Newcastle University. Co-hosted by the Institute of Physics.




Monday 1st: TBC


Wednesday 17th: ‘This is your skin on UV‘ talk by SarahJayne Boulton, Teaching Fellow in Biomedical Sciences, Newcastle University



Wednesday 15th:’A brief history of X: algebra and mathematical notation’ talk by Dr David Stewart, Lecturer in Pure Mathematics at Newcastle University



Monday 3rd: TBC


Wednesday 19th: ‘Catching Fire: Towards a Better Understanding of Arson‘ talk by Dr Faye Horsley, Forensic Psychologist and Lecturer at Newcastle University



Wednesday 24th: ‘Extreme environments: The physiological and psychological impact of spaceflight‘ talk by Jonathan Laws, researcher in the Aerospace Medicine Rehabilitation Laboratory at Northumbria University @ The Old George, Newcastle



And many more, 2019 is gearing up to be a science-packed year!





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