Our next event is…


Come along to our monthly SciBar event where a new and exciting STEM presenter talks to us about their fascinating work in an informal pub-setting. Questions are encouraged! Free and open to the public, no booking required.

Talking about What?

Spores: extreme survivors

Discussion with Who? Clare Willis, PhD student in The Institute for Cell and molecular Biosciences, Newcastle University

When should I arrive? Wednesday 17th October 2018, 7.00 pm, but come earlier if you’d like food

Where should I go? The Old George, Old George Yard (off High Bridge St), NE1 1EZ (upstairs)

Details, I need details! Bacterial spores can survive for thousands of years in the soil and months within the human body. They survive extreme heat, extreme cold and may evade antibiotic treatment too. But what exactly are bacterial spores and how do bacteria make them?


Look into the future….


Wednesday 21st, 7pm: What can walking tell us about dementia? presented by Riona Mc Ardle, Research Assistant in the Brain and Movement Research Group, Clinical Ageing Research Unit, Newcastle University @ The Old George Inn (upstairs)



Wednesday 21st, 7pm: Cystic fibrosis and lung transplantation: bugs, drugs and new therapies presented by Audrey Perry, Biomedical Scientist at Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust @ The Old George Inn (upstairs)






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