The science behind your favourite films!

SciScreen events let you discuss the science you see in films with scientists working in those fields. The aim isn’t to pick apart the film and point out what was right or wrong (unless it’s a particularly interesting blunder!), rather to use the ideas shown in the film to spring board to bigger discussion topics with the scientists on our panel.

Past films and discussion topics have been:

50/50 (2011) – Cancer treatment and the patient experience (in partnership with CRUK). Speakers;  Dr Ian Hardcastle, Ben Hood and Chris Barron

Finding Dory (2016) – Childhood development and animal memory (in partnership with Newcastle University’s Institute of Neuroscience). Speakers; Dr Sinéad Mullally and Dr Tom Smulders

The Andromeda Strain (1971) –  Exoplanets, life on other worlds and contamination control. Speakers; Professor Wallace Arthur and Dr Sam James

Currently, 7pm screenings are held at Ampersand Inventions (Floor 4, Commercial Union House), where a small cash bar will be available from 6:30pm. There is a small charge for ticket to this event to help us cover some of the costs of this event and allow us to run even more events in future. Look out for tickets on the Eventbrite website or follow the link on the  Our next event is… page.